Anytime Delivery Service

Medical Courier Services

Anytime delivery service delivers to hospitals, labs, clinics, doctors' offices, pharmacies, and analysis facilities. counting on the sort of delivery and what's being shipped, a selected variety of vehicle is also required. we've got vehicles equipped with compartments that may keep things cold or frozen at no matter temperature is required for the specimen's safety.

In our medical traveler delivery division, we have a tendency to perceive that the packages we feature are often extraordinarily fragile and putrefiable. Their transport takes on a brand new level of urgency. like any medical cargo, the client's privacy is of the utmost importance. we offer them with one hundred pc confidential, secure service that's each on time and secured.

At the line, we will deliver something that's medical in nature, from body elements (kidneys, hearts, livers, lungs, etc.), live tissue samples, fertility biological science, samples from research lab tests and embryo samples. Our medical traveler service makes many stops daily, with over a hundred of them being to hospitals throughout Southern CA.

Your On-Time answer to Your Medical traveler desires

Anytime Delivery traveler and Freight Service perceive the wants of the medical profession once it involves deliveries and also the use of couriers. we've got created a reputation for ourselves with native hospitals, laboratories, and medical professionals by providing on time, economical and 100 percent confidential deliveries throughout Southern CA for many years currently.

Call Anytime delivery traveler nowadays if you're trying to find a traveler or traveler service that may handle numerous styles of medical materials whereas maintaining a high level of quality. we will transport any of the subsequent things, as well as confidential reports, medical records, laboratory specimens, medical transcripts, x-rays and research lab provides. we've got the potential to move everything from paper records to giant items of medical instrumentation.

Our services are obtainable throughout Southern CA. we have a tendency to cowl an oversized space and still, stay committed to meeting every and each point. we have a tendency to serve San Bernardino, la, San Fernando and point of entry similarly as each town on the manner.

Expert Medical traveler Services Including:

(1) We serve all Southern California.

(2) Emergency, door to door service 24/7, all day and every one night, each day of the year.

(3) PUC authorized and totally insured.

(4) Our vehicles are equipped to handle numerous things which will embrace refrigeration or temperature reduction temperatures throughout transport.

(5) Our couriers use a brand new radio dispatch system that enables our drivers to be as quick and economical as doable.

Elements of a flourishing Medical traveler.

When it involves operating with the medical and tending trade, there are many components a corporation must achieve success. while not them, the organization is much not possible and timing is hit and miss. separate understands these ideas and takes nice pride in embrace those components and creating them the lifeblood of their company. They include:

(1) Urgent and on time delivery.

(2)100 % strictly confidential, absolute privacy.

(3) Refrigerated compartments for the foremost fragile and putrefiable shipments.

(4) All drivers certified by a government agency.

(5) Meticulous record keeping, as well as a chain of custody and driver documentation.

(6) Courteous client service

(7) Guaranteed, on time delivery times.

Each of those components is very important in its own manner. The employees at separate make each arrange to make sure that every side of the service we offer meets or exceeds what our shoppers expect from the North American country. within the medical community, the rival isn't ok. Inbound instances, our drivers recognize they will be chargeable for saving the life of another person. every and each cargo we feature is treated as if it's the foremost necessary package within the world. in a very manner, it's, particularly to the one that is going to be receiving its advantages.

24/7 handiness.

In the medical field, urgency doesn't take variety. line traveler recognizes that emergencies do not punch a clock or wait till you're ready. Patients will have to be compelled to see a doctor at the foremost ill-timed times. At line traveler, we have a tendency to perceive that check results have to be compelled to be taken and came back in an effort to assist the patient make a comeback. once you decision North American country for a obtain and delivery, we'll get on the duty at once to create positive no time is lost once it involves your patients' continuing healthiness.

A few of our STAT, emergency, and customary services include:

○ Blood
○ Clinical blood samples
○ Medical specimens
○ 24-hour services
○ X-rays
○ Vaccines
○ Lab samples
○ Lab results
○ Lab specimens
○ Test reports
○ Patient records
○ Hospital and laboratory

What We Do

At separate traveler Medical traveler Delivery, we provide the subsequent secured services:

Pharmaceutical deliveries: Record keeping that documents each step from jobber to distributer, so on to the patient. we provide an entire chain of custody from begin to complete throughout Southern CA, as well as all of our la routes. Different speeds of delivery starting from Emergency and STAT to Routine.

Every one of our vehicles is often equipped with coolers that may keep specimens at nearly any temperature the consumer wishes. With these options, we've got the potential of handling even the foremost fragile of cargoes as well as a blood product, temperature specific specimens, and organs that are being shipped for life-saving transplant surgeries.

All of the Anytime delivery driver's ar HIPAA and government agency certified and are compliant with all federal and government statutes. they need to be received in-depth HAZMAT coaching and might handle any variety of emergencies. each vehicle in our fleet has each spill kits and medical gloves without delay obtainable.

The importance of being certified by each HIPAA and government agency is 2 fold. First, it ensures that our drivers have the abilities and data to handle any emergency state of affairs. Secondly, it offers our shoppers the peace of mind of knowing that their packages are as secure and safe as doable, regardless of what circumstances they're going to be traveling beneath. a decent example of this is often once separate is employed to hold a transplanted organ.

A healthy organ solely encompasses a certain quantity of your time that it'll stay viable and appropriate to be used as a transplant. Our drivers perceive that a transplanted organ isn't solely time sensitive, it's conjointly life-saving. that's why we have a tendency to train each of our drivers to work any vehicle, beneath any conditions and circumstances. Our dedication to producing the quickest, best delivery is what makes our company thus flourishing. we have a tendency to do what it takes and do not stop till everything has been taken care of from ordering to the causing of the signature confirmation.

Our drivers are trained to be effective and economic drivers, additionally to keeping concise and extremely careful notes. These notes invariably contain the chain of custody of a package, similarly as any reportable incidences that occurred throughout its transport. we have a tendency to scrutinize and check every driver over and once more to create positive they're in complete compliance, not solely with our standards, however conjointly those of the govt and also the consumer we have a tendency to are operating for. To achieve success, we have a tendency to expect every one of our drivers to targeted on their job and ready to offer a hundred and tenth to every consumer and their several deliveries

California's Most revered medical science Delivery Carrier.

Anytime Delivery traveler Medical traveler Deliveries is employed by the prime of the road medical science makers to deliver their product to where they're required. a number of-of the businesses we have a tendency to serve to include:

○ Anytime delivery Services Depuy.
○ Anytime delivery Services Wright Medical.
○ Anytime delivery Services Stryker medical science.

Computerized Real Time trailing.

Anytime delivery traveler uses digital trailing devices to confirm every package gets to wherever it's attending to, similarly as into the hands of the person to that it belongs. GPS, digital bar codes and scanners facilitate to confirm complete confidentiality and privacy. It conjointly permits North American country to grasp wherever each package is from obtaining to delivery.

Dependable Personnel

All of our drivers were uniforms so that they are simply known. Our driver's ar staff of the corporate. There aren't any freelance contractors at our facility. every one of our drivers works within the workplace from time to time to confirm they recognize each a part of the delivery business. line traveler offers their staff in progress coaching session to confirm they're up to now on the latest sorts of technology and ethics. All of our staff are trained to produce customized, skilled care whereas maintaining a high level of respect.

If you have got a vital medical delivery that has got to air time, decision line traveler to schedule a obtain time. Our employees can beware of everything by fixing AN account for you with manageable charge cycles. Our customized routes can confirm the package is secured and delivered in a very short quantity of your time.