Anytime Delivery Service

Legal Courier Services

Anytime Delivery Service has been serving San Diego for many years. We are dedicated to serving our clients according to their standards. We have also worked with companies that specialize in various types of freight as well. Anytime Delivery Service has once again broadened their horizons and is now offering several legal services. Court filings, process serving, court research and document retrieval are just a few of the legal services our company is now offering to clients.

All of these services can be performed at regular delivery rates as part of our daily route, or you can have them rushed or even special delivery. The time frame is up to you. We understand how urgent some legal matters can be.

An intricate network of process servers as well as our highly trained office staff is ready to serve our clients in whatever capacity they need. At Red Line Courier, our goal is to provide the best legal services possible. If you have question about where we serve in Southern California or what services we offer, call us today and speak to one of our dedicated professionals.

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